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Our Partner Company ⇒ Safety-consultant


James Parkinson started Safety-Consultant he had the smaller business owners in mind. He knows that a lot of small business places cannot employ a full time person to look after the safety of the company. 

Safety-Consultant wants to help you the small business owner fill their Duty of Care by being compliant with the Safety Act & Regulations. If you are a new business just starting out and need a complete safety plan or if you are an existing business we are here to assist you.

The Safety Act & Regulations can be complicated and Safety-Consultant wants to help you the small business owner remove that complication and keep your business compliant. At Safety-Consultant we want to help you manage your Duty of Care as small business owner with a safety compliant, efficient, low cost system.

How We Work?


By recording the risk and hazards in the registers as well as doing prestart risk assessments using a hazard checklist and monthly inspections by an outside source are very helpful and positive ways to look at the problems in your place of business. We at Safety-Consultant want to be that extra set of eyes in your work place. We want to help you stop the endless hazards and risk that come up on daily basis. 

The approach we like to use is positive reinforcement consisting of coaching and mentoring your employees to spot the risk and hazards before the job starts. We believe that by using safety as a tool in the job and reassuring the employees it is ok to bring the safety issues to the supervisor you will in return create a safer work environment for your workers and visitors that come in. Let us at Safety-Consultant help you to find the right solution and build and maintain a safer place to work for you and your employees.

Contact Details

29 Billabong Drive Creastmead Qld 4132


Civil, Maintenance, Mining, Oil and Gas, Shutdowns - Mining, Shutdowns - Oil and Gas, Construction, Factories, Radiation Safety , Oil & Gas, Hospitality , HSSE Coach

Top Skills

Occupational Health & Safety - OH & S, OH &S Compliance, Risk Management, Working At Heights, Workplace Health & Safety, Accident Investigation, Risk Assessment, Hazard Identification, Behaviour Based Safety

EHS Strengths

Safety, HSE Systems, Risk Assessment, HSEC Leadership, Oil & Gas, Behavior based safety


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